Tis’ the Season of Weddings

Liz Fogle

What is it about spring that makes people want to party?!?! Last week, I received 2 wedding shower invitations, 2 birthday party invitations, and a baby shower invitation (all within 24 hours). Can we say, OUCH on the checkbook!!! I love to give gifts, but want to be frugal at the same time. Often times it is hard, especially with so many celebrations.

I wanted to share with you this great idea for a bride to be! I take no claim to this idea, but you can bet I will be stealing it for future bridal showers. So many times, I just buy something off the happy couple’s registry or give them a gift card. While I know these items are appreciated, this homemade gift idea is really neat. Before the bride opened the gift, her mother told her (the bride) that it was so impractical and not anything off her list.

So what was the great gift you may ask?!?!

It was a large Rubbermaid tote with 8 smaller Rubbermaid boxes inside. Inside each box were decorations for different holidays. One tote held items for Easter, another one held items for Thanksgiving, another for Valentines Day, another for The 4th of July, and etc. Can we say, GENIUS!!!!!

The bride was so excited to receive these items and said it was a practical gift! Let me speak from experience; often times when you are first married you don’t have money for these cute little holiday extras. What a great way to solve this problem! I wish someone would have given me a cute little box like this when I got married. Personally, it has taken several years, for me to buy things for each holiday and even then it was after the holiday (can we say clearance). The brides’ mother said, she hit up all the sales after each major holiday and was able to put this box together with little expense. I also love that the boxes are already organized in their own containers and are easy to store!!

I am so doing this for my next friend that is getting married! Oops, did I just spoil the surprise?!?!

With wedding season in full swing what a great way to add a personal/unique touch to a gift! Plus, I don’t know about you, but often homemade gifts mean a lot more.

Happy Wedding Season everyone!

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