Toddlers and touchscreens

This article, entitled "Toddlers and Touchscreens," comes from Rachel Phillips, MomsEveryday correspondent from Wichita, KS.

According to a new study, parents may want to rethink handing their toddler an iPad or smartphone to keep them occupied.

Researchers looked at dozens of families where children were allowed to play games on touchscreen phones and tablets. The average age where children were allowed to play on these devices was 11 months.

Those who played non-educational games like Angry Birds had lower scores in speech tests for both understanding of language and speaking.

It's unclear if the games caused the poor speech or if kids who were already struggling were drawn to the games.

Technology cannot replace mom or dad. Toddlers do better with books and developmental toys.

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Rachel Phillips
Riding horses, going to the lake, beach vacations, little league sports and church activities is how the Phillips family spends most of its time together.
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