Trying New Things… It Isn’t Always Easy!

Liz Fogle

This article, entitled "Trying New Things… It Isn’t Always Easy!" comes from Liz Fogle, MomsEveryday blogger from South Central Kentucky.

It is a small miracle that I am able to sit here and type this blog! This morning in my kitchen I had a small fight with a butternut squash. Ugh…has anyone ever tried to cut one of those things up?!?! I know it isn’t butternut squash season, but I was trying a new recipe (there is a story here I promise).

Over the last few days we’ve undergone a transformation in our house. I am trying to clean-up our eating. This means more fruits, vegetables, and cooking. My husband (Ben) opened up the fridge the other day and was like wow, it has thrown up vegetables in here!!! I love my husband! He is always a good sport and humors me when I make a change to our diets. Ben always says he doesn’t care what I cook as long as I cook (we will see after tonight’s adventure).

We had a rather adventurous supper last night. I made a roasted red-pepper soup. I’ve never roasted a red-pepper in my life (I actually don’t like them). I actually had to Google, “how to roast a red-pepper.” The process was incredibly simple, but I noticed the end product (the soup) tasted a little funny. Well I realized what my mistake was today; I accidentally grabbed the rice vinegar instead of the cooking wine. Yep, that will change the flavor of anything! I haven’t told Ben my mistake yet. Poor thing, he still choked down the soup.

So back to the butternut squash!! The recipe called for me to skin the squash, scoop out the insides, and dice it. Sounds simple right?!?! I almost cut my finger off in the process. The recipe told me to use a serrated knife, but that didn’t work too well. I ended up trying 5 different knives and my carrot peeler. Butternut squash has some really tough skin. While I was wrestling the squash, Bug (my daughter) walks in, here is how that conversation went.

Bug: Hey mom what are you doing?
Me: I am peeling this for dinner.
Bug: Why are we eating pumpkin for dinner?
Me: Umm…it isn’t pumpkin, it is butternut squash!
Bug: It looks and smells a lot like pumpkin.
Me: Well it is in the pumpkin family, but don’t’ worry it will be really yummy (at this point the squash was winning)
Bug: Well I am not eating it!
Me: You will try it, just like you did the asparagus last night.
Bug: It was yucky (talking about the asparagus); I had to take a drink after every bite! Plus, I only ate it because I got ice cream (a little bribery goes a long way)!
Me: Okay, Bug please go play, mommy is trying to finish this.
Bug: Okay, but it still looks and smells like pumpkin.

Ugh…she had to get that last zinger in (she is so my child)!!!

Eventually, I won my battle with the squash. Unfortunately, when my soup was finished it looked a lot like baby food. I am not so sure that this adventure in “trying new things” is going to be a success tonight. Poor Ben and Bug, does anyone want to invite them to dinner tonight?

I love my family and how they aren’t afraid to try new things!!! Here is to more fruits and veggies and cleaner eating!

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