Valentine Disaster Averted…I Think!!

Liz Fogle

Easier said than done or I’ve bit off more than I can chew! These statements describe my most recent craft project. I consider myself a somewhat “crafty” person, but I sometimes don’t realize my limitations. I am the type of person that sees something and then tries to replica it myself. Sometimes successfully and sometimes unsuccessfully! Well my latest project turned out…well sort of!

The youth at our church are having an appreciation dinner for their parents. We want the evening to be a special night, which includes nice table decorations (on a budget). So me being somewhat crafty, I start searching for ideas. I ran across a great Valentine Topiary using muffin papers, a dowel rod, Styrofoam, and a pot (don’t rush to judgment). The site I found it on didn’t have any directions, but how hard could it be to make…right (wrong)?!?!

I am going to take you step by step through this, but it definitely isn’t the easiest project I have tackled. Despite its difficulty, it could make for a great Valentine centerpiece (or centerpiece for another occasion). I started my project by painting terracotta pots pink.
Next I began hot gluing muffin papers to a 4 inch Styrofoam ball (don’t go any bigger!!!). My first mistake was getting muffin papers that were two colors. The red/silver just weren’t working at first. I recommend a solid color muffin paper.

After I glued the muffin papers to the Styrofoam ball, I ran into a problem. I had massive holes and I was seeing more silver than red. Honestly, it was just down right ugly!!! So I decided to fill in with more muffin papers. I folded them in half and then put them inside the muffin papers already on the Styrofoam ball. It filled in most of the holes. (Just as a side note: the aluminum muffin cups allow you to shape them more).

I honestly thought gluing these muffin cups was going to be the death of me! I burnt my fingers like crazy and was just frustrated. Mine weren’t turning out like the pretty picture I “Googled”!!! I hate when things don’t turn out like they are supposed to!!!

After working with them a little longer, the topiary’s finally looked presentable. I stuck them on a ribbon covered dowel rod and down in my painted terracotta pots. This is how they turned out!

I am not totally disappointed in them. I still think they make for a great centerpiece. Once I figured out how to make the first one, the second Valentine topiary was a breeze. My husband Ben is a little confused by them. His comment, “those are nice, what are they?” Men…that is all I have to say!

So is anyone else working on cute Valentine decorations? Please share!

Also, does anyone else struggle from their craft projects not turning out like the picture they “Googled”? Oh…I don’t know why I always think my skills are better than they are. It just gets me in trouble!

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