What Not to Say to Kids!

My kids are both in high school now and I often find myself staring at moms with cute babies and toddlers, wishing to get some of those days back with my own two!

I soon snap out of it when I overhear those parents talking to their kids - making the same mistakes or mis-statements I made!

Not judging here. Just wanting to pass along what worked for me: what parents shouldn't say to their kids!

I learned to not say anything bad about my child's school or school teachers. Parents and teachers need to talk but kids don't need to know everything they talk about!

Kids don't need their parents to be sarcastic. Little ones just don't understand that put-downs disguised as humor can really damage a child's self esteem.

Always try to use language you want your kids to repeat. In other words, little ones mimic and repeat language they hear at home.

Avoid having meltdowns with your spouse in front of your children. Adults acting like children shouldn't be parenting! I'm not saying you shouldn't be able to disagree with your spouse in front of your kids. Just remember they're watching and listening!

Last but not least (and this is just my don'ts with kids) but never say shut up to a child! That phrase has always been banned in our house. So was the word stupid. I just don't think those are kind words and it's always jarring to me, especially when I hear those words being used by parents in response to a child!

I am not a perfect parent. Don't know of anyone who is! But our kids are growing-up in an increasingly harsh and intolerant society. Any little thing that I can do as a parent to help change that, I will.

About the Author...
Pat Persaud
Pat Persaud received her Bachelor of Arts degree at Morningside College, in Sioux City, Iowa, and majored in English, with an emphasis on British Literature.
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