What to check for when buying used clothing for kids

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Besides the obvious rips and stains to look out for, here’s a few more tips on what to check for when buying used (or new) clothing for your infant or toddler.

Tight elastic - Check the elastic bands at the arms, legs, neck or waist which can irritate sensitive skin and cut off the circulation. Tug on each area and see how much pull it has.

Seams and scratchiness - Seams, zippers, snaps and decorative appliques can have rough or uneven backings, which can scratch. Turn the outfit inside out and run your hands along the seams or on the back of the snaps or zippers to check that they’re even and lie smooth and/or don’t have rough edges.

Choking hazards – Snaps, buttons and sequins can pose possible choking hazards if loose. Give them a quick tug to make sure they are on nice and tight. You should do this after each washing too, even with new clothing.

Fabric - All cotton knits can shrink 10% after the first washing so don’t always buy just based on the tag size. Polyester/cotton blends are usually less expensive and don’t wrinkle (a must for me because I don’t like to iron!). Really thin fabrics are going to be the least durable so don’t expect a lot of wear.

As with new clothing, you’ll want to ALWAYS wash items before putting them on your child.

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