What's in Your Child's Drink?!?!

Liz Fogle

Would you let your child eat 25 Dunkin Donut munchkins? How about 29 Pixie Sticks? I think most parents would answer “no” citing too much sugar! I know I wouldn’t let Bug (my daughter) consume that much sugar. That is why I was incredibly shocked to learn that some juices (that my daughter drinks) have as much sugar as 25 Munchkin Donuts and 29 Pixie Sticks. I so wish I was joking!!!!

According to the news article I was reading, here are some popular drinks and their sugar comparisons.

One 15.2 oz. of Minute Maid Apple Juice has 52 grams of sugar. This is about the same as 25 Dunkin Donut sugared Munchkins.

One 15.2 oz of Minute Maid Orange Juice has the same amount of sugar as 4 cups of Fruit Loops.

One 6.75 oz of Hi-C Poppin Lemonade has more sugar than a Krispy Kreme Chocolate iced custard filled donut

One 20 oz. Sobe Citrus Energy Drink has about the same amount of sugar as 29 Pixie Sticks

Okay…I am going to spare you anymore shocking comparisons! I feel myself going into a sugar coma just thinking about it! Bug has definitely had the apple juice and orange juice on this list! Ugh…epic fail! I think Bug would have rather had the donuts and Fruit Loops (I know I would have)! My husband and I do our best to read labels and limit Bug’s sugary drink intake, but what can I say.... we need to do better!!!

Another shocking statistic in the article was that according to the American Heart Association the average 1-3 year old consumes around 12 teaspoons of sugar a day, 4-8 year olds around 21 teaspoons a day, and 14-18 year olds around 34 teaspoons. I would hate to know what I consume in sugar a day?!?!?!

Here is some advice (I will be following) when picking out a drink.
* Read the labels to cut through the marketing strategies
* Make sure fruit juice or fruit concentrate are the first ingredients
* Watch for the “ose” on the end of words
* Watch for dyes and fillers

I know a little bit of sugar is okay, but I just don’t want Bug drinking all of her calories! I just want to educate her on important nutritional choices. Why is this so difficult?!?!?!

Was anyone else shocked by these comparisons?!?!?! Does it have you thinking twice before pouring (I know I am)? Anyone have advice out there…I would so take it right now!

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