Winter Blues

The Christmas decorations are down at my house and the Valentine decorations are up! Yes, I decorate for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day - all the holidays.

It's just how we live and keep things lively around here - especially during the dreary winter months.

As I write this, I'm looking out onto a frozen lake and snow covered backyard! It can be pretty. But depressing at times!

A lot of people will experience SAD this time of year - Seasonal Affective Disorder. Yup, a real disorder that can be a downright downer! The cold, snowy, dark, dreary days can be depressing and can lead to real problems for many.

Valentine Plates

Fortunately, the winter blues can be managed at home. Sleep, a healthy diet and exercise are important. For some people, light treatment (using a special lamp) and medicine are also necessary. Talk to your doctor.

For me, and many others, just a few little things can help get us out of our funk. I find little things like inexpensive valentine hearts around the house brighten up my day. I love keeping my bed warm and inviting with a huge down comforter.

I still use some heart-shaped plates at this time of year that I bought when my kids were toddlers (Pottery Barn Kids). We use them now as dessert plates. I'll even serve-up breakfast on them. Yes, my kids roll their eyes, my husband shakes his head but after: smiles all around. I love it!

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