Women & Depression

Whether you’re a go-to-work mom or a stay-at-home mom, motherhood can be draining. You’re busy taking care of your family 24/7, but don’t forget to take care of yourself.

How you feel can really impact your entire family. There are days when many of us can feel down in the dumps, but if you’re having feelings of sadness, anger or frustration with everyday life for multiple weeks or longer it’s time to ask for help; you may be suffering from depression.

Depression can distort the way we feel about our self, our lives and everyone around us. Women are twice as likely as men to suffer from depression. There are many causes from hormonal, psychological, even social factors that come into play. The important thing though is to take the first step and get help. Make an appointment and have a conversation with your family doctor. They can be a great resource and help you find the right treatment if needed.

About the Author...
Pat Persaud
Pat Persaud received her Bachelor of Arts degree at Morningside College, in Sioux City, Iowa, and majored in English, with an emphasis on British Literature.
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