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As a single mom, it can often feel like you are working three full time jobs. One of them is paying the pills, one of them is trying to raise a decent human being, and one of them is taking care of the home and all that entails. If you don’t take the time to make it happen, you could lose your social life altogether. Below are some suggestions to help you be social without spending all your hard earned money trying to get some adult time.

Create a babysitting co-op. Gather together a group of your friends who have children. Create a schedule that involves one of you being the babysitter for the weekend. In this way you can all save money by trading babysitting time instead of cash. One person babysits while the others have some adult time, and then schedule rotates to the next person in line.

Consider hosting theme nights. Whether you play cards, watch movies, or do some other activity, you can host your own get-togethers that involve people bringing supplies to add to the gathering. In this way no one person is burdened by the costs of hosting the get-togethers, but you all get to enjoy time together without having to get a babysitter or waste money at a bar or club.

Attend free activities. You don’t have to be child free to be social. In fact, attending free activities with your child is a great way to meet other parents who may be in the same boat as you. Lowes and other stores have free activities for kids to do on the weekends and most of the time your local library will also host reading or craft hours that are either free or very inexpensive. Watch your local newspaper to learn about other free activities in the area. You might even join or create a local Facebook page that allows you to share and learn about free activities in the area.

Make use of the Internet. There are plenty of ways to be social online. This is an especially useful method when you have those sleepless nights or you don’t want to leave your children with a babysitter. Do a search for local parenting blogs or groups. Better yet, do a search for local activities that include interests outside of parenting. You may bear the full weight of two parents, but you have to remember that there is more to you than parenting.

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