You Can’t Out-Exercise Your Mouth

Heather Hall
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Do you ever wonder why when someone that goes on a diet rather than starts an exercise program, they seem to lose weight much easier than someone that just starts an exercise program? There’s a reason for that.

As much as I hate to admit it, it’s much easier to lose weight from diet alone than it is from exercising alone. In all actuality, it’s very hard if not impossible for most people to lose weight from just exercising and not combining it with a diet.

Here are some examples of the amount of calories a 160 lb person can burn doing certain activities for one hour according to (notice this is for an entire HOUR) vs. the amount of calories in foods popular in the American diet:

Low impact aerobics – 365 cal/hr Starbucks Venti (20 oz) Pumpkin Spice Latte – 510 calories
Walking 3.5 mph – 314 cal/hr Burger King’s New Satisfries (medium) – 340 calories
Resistance training – 365 cal/hr McDonald’s Blueberry Pomegranate 12 0z. Smoothie – 220 calories……and 42 grams of sugar!
Running 8 mph – 810 cal/hr Dairy Queen Large French Silk Blizzard – 1350 calories
Bicycling <10 mph – 292 cal/hr Pizza Hut Pepperoni Lovers Pizza (1 slice) w/ 1 Bud Light – 440 calories

Looking at the amount of calories you can burn in an hour, it’s easy to see that when someone doesn’t watch what they eat, it’s no wonder they won’t see results. Sure, you can go and run for an hour and say to yourself, “Gee, I worked really hard today and ran for an entire hour. I think I deserve to go to DQ and get myself a large French Silk Blizzard!” So that entire hour long run was really for nothing, if fat loss is your goal (for the record, I am not a promoter of calorie counting. In my opinion I think it’s actually a waste of time, and it can actually be very inaccurate, but that’s a different story).

If you want to lose weight or burn fat, you have to change the way you eat in addition to exercise. We are a country that wants more bang for our buck. If we don’t get a plate overfilled with food for a small amount of money, we think we’re getting ripped off. So to meet the demand restaurants give servings that could easily feed a family of four in a single entrée. With this mentality, it’s no wonder over 60% of the country is overweight to obese. And most people don’t even know what a true serving size really is.

The other habit people do is eating mindlessly. They’ll grab a small handful of M&M’s here, eat Goldfish crackers off their kids’ plate or finish what they don’t eat, add extra sugar filled condiments to their food, and before you know it you’ve eaten an extra 500-1000 calories that day alone.

What I do recommend is eating quality whole foods that actually nourish your body, and eating them in amounts that are way smaller than what we are used to. Filling up on lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and small amounts of whole grains, combined with an active lifestyle of resistance training, cardio and flexibility is what will truly get you the results you are looking for.

No matter how many miles you run on the treadmill, squats, push ups or crunches you do, you’ll see little to no results unless you pay attention to not only WHAT, but HOW MUCH your are eating.

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