April Fools!

March and April have always held a special meaning in our family. In addition to Easter, birthdays and the beginning of Spring, April Fools Day always brings a smile to my face.

Both our boys took turns “April Fooling” us over the years. Our oldest came up with the idea to shaving cream our bathroom at the tender age of 5. At least he didn’t switch the sugar in the sugar bowl to salt like his father did! My that coffee was salty!!

The memory that brings a smile to my face year after year is our younger son’s April Fools surprise.

Austin was certain he had the perfect prank. “Let’s tape open the sprayer on the kitchen sink so when Dad washes his dinner plate it will spray him in the face,” he proudly beamed one April Fools Day before his Dad came home from work.

“Great idea!” I thought. It was a few hours before Tim was scheduled to arrive home but Austin was eager to get his plan underway. He was so proud of himself.

“Now remember, Mom,” Austin said with a serious look on his face, “don’t use the kitchen sink!”

“No problem,” I replied.

Old habits die hard don’t they? Have you ever had the electricity go out in your house for a few hours, but as you move about, you enter a room and the first thing you do is flip on the light switch? I’d have much preferred to flip the switch and be greeted with darkness instead of light, than mindlessly go to the kitchen sink and get sprayed with cold water as a reminder that it’s April Fools Day. Not once, not even twice. Three times!

“MOM!” Austin would exclaim in between giggles as he heard me screaming in shock every time I “forgot” not to use the kitchen sink. You’d think since I’m the one who helped set it up that I’d remember. Yet when you are a busy mother making dinner and putting dishes in the dishwasher or washing your hands, brain function oftentimes go by the wayside.

Hunting for Easter Baskets is always a fun activity in our household. And regardless of how old the kids are, or how much they protest, it is a joy finding a basket with your name on in it, filled with yummy chocolates, a very cute Easter Bunny, colored eggs and various items, depending on their age. One year I made the mistake on Good Friday of scheduling what I thought would be some minor oral surgery for Bennett. He was 8 years old and thoroughly looking forward (of course) to Easter Sunday. The dentist had assured me that clipping Bennett’s tongue (he was slightly tongue tied) was a simple procedure and he’d recover quickly. No so! Poor Bennett was miserable for 5 days straight and not even a basket full of candy could help his searing pain. I think we may have scarred him to Easter weekend for a few years after that! The photo taken that year on Easter Sunday still shows the red circles under his eyes. He was not a happy camper.

With Spring in the air I’m reminded of the beginning of baseball season and the memories of sitting on bleachers for weeks on end cheering on the kids in various ball parks. When your kids play a sport or are involved in drama or band the families you meet along the way truly become your family.

The boys are grown now and soon our youngest will be graduating high school. Yet we were all together celebrating Easter and the beginning of a new season. As a mom, it warms my heart knowing we will all be together sitting around the table sharing memories. Life is short and you never know what lies around the corner. So enjoy those the good Lord has put into your life and tell them how much you love them. Share the memories and the laughter, knowing the best is yet to be.

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