Is It Worth It? - Slushy Magic

Erik Mrotek

Slushy Magic promises to turn your favorite drink into a frozen treat to help beat the heat. But is it worth it?

Slushy Magic includes a cup with a screw-on cover, a straw/spoon and three freezer bags that make the process work.

To use it, you add the frozen bags and the beverage of your choice to the cup and tighten the cover. Then you shake the cup for a minute or so.

Slushy Magic works for all kinds of drinks - including soda. They've put a hole in the cover to let the pressure out from the carbonation. Of course, you have to cover the hole with your finger while you shake it.

After a minute or so... we unscrew the cover - and it has made slush.

Now the important part... the taste. Our testers gave it a thumbs up. Slushy Magic, plenty of magic here.

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