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Has Autism Touched Your Life?

As parents, we want nothing more than for our child to be healthy and “ok.” But what happens when they’re not? I know with my own daughter, suffering from Crohn’s Disease, I researched everything there is to know about it. How can we treat her, what’s best for her, etc. No matter how tough this disease is, I’ve always said how lucky I am to be her mom!

I’ve read stories from parents that have Autistic children. It brings tears to my eyes how touching these stories are. There were so many of them that said the exact thing.. “I am lucky to be her mom.” More and more kids everyday are being diagnosed with Autism. I’d bet that most everyone either has an Autistic child in their life or at the very least knows a child with Autism.

My hairdresser has a son with Autism. We swap stories about our kids as she’s doing my hair. ;) I always think, what an amazing mother she is. She has done so much research so that she can understand what her son is going through and how he learns so that she can teach him. It’s inspiring!

I’m sure there are a lot of places now where you can find information about Autism. Autism United is one of those places. With so much out there, it’s nice to have a place to go.

Here’s a little more about Autism Untied:

Here at Autism United we are dedicated to raising Autism Awareness world wide. We work to help educate and bring information, research and specialist studies to one location giving you a highly researched, resourceful website for your Autism Awareness needs. While working hard, we also dedicate ourselves to speak out and reach others in need of assistance and help them be heard. Autism United will also work to stay on board with other Autism Awareness sites and resources reaching out and fundraising to help with research and those in need of some help.

They’re also on Facebook. I encourage you to check them out. It is a great site promoting Autism Awareness.

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