Back to School with the Latest Technology

Mario Armstrong

This article, entitled "Back To School With Technology For Students Of All Ages," is presented by Samsung, and V-tech.

A summer of fun and relaxation is fading into the rear view mirror. Getting the family back into learning mode can be a challenge, but everyone’s ears perk up when you start talking tech. There’s no doubt that learning is enhanced by the latest and best of what the tech world has to offer.

In the video below, Emmy Award winner Mario Armstrong, Technology and Digital Lifestyle Commentator, offers up some of the latest and best learning tools and solutions from the technology and digital world.

ABOUT Mario Armstrong
Mario Armstrong, Emmy Award Winner, Digital Lifestyle Trends and Technology Commentator, has made it his mission to better people’s lives through technology. On his blog and in his commentary Mario is known for his ability to bridge the gap between tech enthusiasts and those less technologically savvy. Because of his unique ability to simplify technology, Mario has made a name for himself as the “go to commentator” for many national TV and radio shows when they need an expert to translate a new technology or trend.

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