Make Your Own Duct Tape Purse!

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My girls have been wanting to try to make a Duct Tape purse. We had a couple of rolls of Duct Tape so we set out to make our first purse! I found the best purse design on All Things Thrifty. I took pictures along the way so you could follow along with me and make your own Duct Tape purse. We’ve already made 2 and I’d imagine we’ll be making many more!

What you Need for your Duct Tape Purse:

You’ll need at least 1 roll of Duct Tape but more depending on the colors you want for your purse
Grommets (I bought the XL size that came with the tools to finish them. The tools are important if you don’t already have them)
Rope for the purse strap (I bought rope from the drapery section)
Piece of fabric for the purse lining

How to Assemble your Duct Tape Purse:

First you’ll want to find a piece of fabric the size that you want your purse. This will be the lining on the purse so fold it in half to get an idea of what size purse you’ll end up with. When you have your fabric, tape it face down to a flat surface. We used our kitchen table.

Decide how you want your pattern to be laid out. We went with the diagonal pattern and 2 colors with this purse. All you’re going to do is lay the tape to completely cover the fabric, overlapping a bit each time you lay down a new piece of tape. Make sure you have long enough strips to fully cover the fabric.

Once you have the fabric completely covered, carefully peel off the tape from your surface and flip the fabric over. Now just trim off the extra Duct Tape. I found it best to trim the very edge of the fabric vs trying to trim the Duct Tape itself.

Next Step is to tape the sides of your purse. You can choose a different color for the sides or keep it the same. First, fold your fabric in half and then tape each side. Laying the tape on your surface first, then putting the purse on the tape and folding the tape over, is probably the easiest way to do this step.

To make the bottom of your purse, you’re going to fold in the corners. I found it easiest just to poke the corner with my finger and push it in. You then even it out from the inside to make the width that you’d like. I made it the same width as the seam of our sides.

Next you’re going to tape the inside seams of the purse. I found this a bit tricky but only because I was trying to be a perfectionist. ;) If you have an extra set of hands helping hold, it’s not too bad.

Next you’ll edge the top of the purse. Again, can be a bit tricky but it is easier if you lay the tape on the surface first and place your purse on top of it. Then just fold the tape over the edge.

Now we’re ready to put in the grommets. I just followed the instructions on the back of the package. I had never worked with these before but they sure were slick!

Once your grommets are in, you’re ready to add the purse strap. If you find great rope, you can choose not to cover it, or you can cover it with whatever color Duct Tape you want. Then insert in each grommet and secure with a piece of Duct Tape on the inside. Or you could tie in a knot depending on the rope you get.

The last thing we did was add a small piece of double sided velcro to the inside so it could stay closed.

And there you have it. A Super cute and Easy Duct Tape purse!!

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