What Are Your Easter Traditions?

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I love Easter. It’s probably my favorite Holiday after Christmas.

It is easy to get wrapped up in the bunny and forget the meaning of Easter. In our family, we can have both the bunny and remember what Easter is truly about.

My kids love hunting for Easter Eggs and all of the treats that the bunny leaves. We don’t make Easter all about the bunny, yet I let my kids believe in the bunny. They’re kids and I don’t mind letting them be kids. As long as we are here to teach them about Jesus and his crucifixion and resurrection, as long as they always remember that Jesus is truly why we celebrate Easter, then I’m OK with my kids thinking that the Easter bunny is real.

Usually a few days before Easter, we’ll boil a few dozen eggs and then have fun coloring and decorating with the cousins. My brother and his family live out of town so all of the kids all love getting together to do this. One of our Easter Traditions.

So many eggs! But I love the egg salad sandwiches I get to make after Easter.

We gather together on Easter Sunday and have hoards of candy and treats. Then at some point the bunny comes and hides all those magical treats. Our extended family usually joins us so we have to have sections of the outside areas so the kids know where the bunny has hid their treats and goodies. Although this year, with all of the snow we’ve gotten, I have a feeling that the bunny might need to get creative and hide their treats in the house.

Easter is such a great day to spend with family and celebrate. What are your Easter traditions?

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