Teaching Kids a Foreign Language with Little Pim

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I love the idea of teaching kids a foreign language.

When I ordered Little Pim, I chose Spanish. I took 2 years of Spanish in High School so I know a tiny bit. Sad to say that after 2 years of Spanish, only a little stuck with me.

I think the way that it is introduced in Little Pim is wonderful. It’s taught naturally and fun so that it’s absorbed just like they would pick up their native language.

Granted my kids are a little bit older than what Little Pim is geared toward but when Little Pim arrived in the mail, my youngest daughter Faith who is 8, immediately grabbed the stuffed animal and claimed it as hers. :) We popped in the music CD this morning and had fun listening, dancing and singing along. It’s easy to pick up the Spanish words with music.

Faith and I also went through the book. She liked looking at the pictures and using the flip and pull tabs to go through it. Again, it is a little bit young for her but she still liked it and since she can read, she can sound out the Spanish words so it was fun for her. There’s also a fun DVD.

I think the whole set is great. Check out Little Pim if you’d like to introduce a foreign language to your child. There are several languages to choose from. As a bonus, Little Pim is offering a 20% discount to BMO4 readers. Just enter promo code LPBLOG at check out.

What Is Little Pim?

Little Pim is an award-winning foreign language learning series for young children. Our series makes learning easy, fun and effective for children during those crucial years from birth to age 6, when learning comes most naturally.

At Little Pim, we understand how children learn. Our unique Entertainment Immersion Method® combines animation and footage of real kids to teach simple words and phrases for everyday activities. Your little one will love “Little Pim,” the funny, adorable cartoon panda bear, who provides a friendly introduction to foreign languages. In addition to DVDs, we also offer books, flash cards and music CDs to help reinforce the new words your child will learn.

Disclosure: I received the above product for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

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