DIY Automatic Shower Cleaner

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Busy moms need great cleaning solutions, right? We need ways to keep our house clean that are quick and easy...oh and that won’t break the bank. I love Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner, however, buying those refills really adds up. So I went looking for a DIY Automatic Shower Cleaner replacement.

The other problem I have with my automatic cleaner is that it cleans the top half of my shower but not the tub area. Do you have that problem too? My tub is a whirlpool tub…sounds wonderful but it’s a PAIN to clean. Trying to keep those jets clean is terrible. So what I want is a replacement for my automatic cleaner and then the same thing but in a spray bottle so I can get my tub too. Here’s what I found.
Automatic Shower Cleaner

If you already have Scrubbing Bubbles bottle, you can re-use it. Take the bottle and carefully remove the cap using a small pliers.


  • 1/2 C Hydrogen Peroxide

  • 1/2 C Rubbing Alcohol

  • 2 tsp Dish Soap

  • 2 tsp Rinse Aid (such as Cascade)

  • Water


Add Hydrogen Peroxide, Rubbing Alcohol, Dish Soap and Rinse Aid to the bottle. Fill with water. Replace the cap by twisting back on and gently shake. Put back in your automatic sprayer and use as normal.

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