To Drink, or Not to Drink

Heather Hall

This article, entitled To Drink, or Not to Drink, comes from partner site Body OverHall.

We all think of summer as the time for getting lean and baring more of our bodies. So why do some people seem to go the opposite direction this time of year? There are several reasons: lack of a set schedule, summer vacations, family activities, and some people even use the excuse of the hot weather making them not want to cook, so their only other option is fast food (poor excuse in my book). Another big reason is the BBQ parties, and along with those usually comes alcohol consumption.

Now I like an ice cold summer beer on a hot day just like anyone else, or a Mike’s Hard Cranberry Lemonade, which goes down a little too easy and quickly for me. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of moderate alcohol consumption, and you can still maintain or even lose weight or body fat. It’s when you drink in excess that causes the problem.

We hear people say all the time, “I only drink on the weekends, so why can’t I lose my beer belly?” When people “just drink on the weekends” they are usually amounts that would be considered binge drinking. Maybe they’re not drinking an entire bottle of wine or a case of beer in a day. But for women, binge drinking is considered 5 drinks or more for men, and 3 drinks or more for women in one occasion. However, even drinking 2 to 3 drinks on a daily basis can also lead to increased body fat.

It’s not just the drinking itself that causes increase fat and weight gain, it’s also they types of food you choose to eat when you are even slightly impaired by alcohol. While at a friend’s BBQ you may have another handful of chips, a little more potato salad, or heck! Just one more bratwurst won’t hurt! Not to mention that certain types of alcoholic drinks themselves are loaded with sugar and calories. I just about cried when I found out that one 12 oz Mike’s Hard Cranberry Lemonade has 222 calories and 30 grams of sugar! And those frozen margaritas and strawberry daquari’s are even worse. Makes me think twice now when I want to have a second one.

As long as you are drinking moderately, and saving it for only a couple times a week, you should still be able to reach your health and fat loss goals, and still have fun at those summer BBQs.

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