Tips For A Figure Friendly Halloween

Heather Hall

This article, entitled "Tips For A Figure Friendly Halloween," comes from partner site Body OverHALL.

With warm weather quickly coming to an end, it usually means less outdoor activity (or less activity period) and more big bulky clothes coming out of the closet to keep us warm. We often think of holiday weight gain starting in November or December but in reality it really starts mid to late October.

The stores were filled with Halloween candy before October even arrived, which makes it hard to avoid. If you are one of the many trying to lose or even just maintain your weight, this can prove quite a challenge for many. And no matter how old you are, I find very few people actually aren’t fond of at least one type of candy. So here are some tips to help you lose or at least maintain your weight with the unofficial start of the holidays, aka Halloween.

Stay consistent with your workouts. Whether you’re planning trips to the pumpkin patch or starting your Christmas shopping early, you need to stay consistent with getting your workouts done. They don’t have to be super long, just intense enough to get a good sweat going and your heart pumping. Make sure to watch the Pumpkin Workout Circuit to get some ideas on incorporating a pumpkin into your workout, making it a little more interesting.

Don’t buy candy until October 31st! If it’s not in the house, you are less likely to eat it. And if you’re anything like me, if it’s in the house I WILL eat it. Make things easier on yourself by waiting until Halloween to buy your candy. Only buy enough so you expect to run out by the time the all the little ghosts, witches, princesses and Buzz Lightyears stop ringing your doorbell. Another helpful thing is to buy candy that doesn’t tempt you too much. If it’s anything like fun sized chocolate candy bars, it’s hard for me to say no. But if it’s hard candy, suckers, or taffy I can resist it pretty easily.

Keep a food journal. It’s amazing how much we put into our mouth and don’t even realize it. When keeping a food journal, especially around Halloween, it’s important to write down everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, you eat. You’d be surprised at how much you probably eat in a day – a little bite of this, a handful of that, one little piece of candy corn, and before you know it you’ve added an extra few hundred calories in for the day. We’ve all heard it before, but keeping a food journal just helps to keep you honest. And do what works for you, whether it’s using an app on your smart phone, or doing it the old fashioned way and writing it in a notebook. Sure it’s a little extra work but it does help to keep you on track. And in all honesty, nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!

Hopefully these tips help you to stay on track during the unofficial start of the holidays. Don’t use Halloween as an excuse to justify eating candy and junk food that will only take you further away from your health and fitness goals. Instead use it as motivation to stay consistent with your workouts, healthy eating, and keep from gaining those unwanted pounds.

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