Women Belong In the Weight Room

Heather Hall

This article, entitled Women Belong In the Weight Room, comes from partner site Body OverHall.

A couple weeks ago I signed our family up for a summer membership at the Y, basically just for the pool. However I did take advantage of our membership and did a workout in the weight room. To be honest it felt a little weird since I’m used to working out at home or my studio. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in an actual gym setting! As I looked around I saw lots of women using the cardio machines, and only men in the weight section. Not a single female except me.

I find this sad and frustrating that most women think the way to lose weight and “tone up” is using the treadmill and elliptical machines (at Body OverHALL we call them the Dreadmill and the Time Waster). To “tone up” and lose weight, or better yet – body fat, you HAVE to lift weights.

Lifting weights will change the shape of your body in a positive way, a way that endurance cardio can’t. Sure, you may lose weight, but you won’t build lean muscle. By focusing only on steady state cardio, your body will just look like a smaller version of your overweight self. Your body will still have that flabbiness to it, and not the desired lean, toned and healthy look.

And yes you may burn more calories while you’re running at a nice comfortable pace on the treadmill watching Ellen, but as soon as you stop your metabolism quickly returns to normal. Unlike lifting weights, where if you are lifting weights that challenge you and make you work up a sweat, your metabolism will stay elevated for hours after you are done. You’ll end up burning more calories anyway. And isn’t that what we’re after anyway?

So next time you’re in the gym, or even just working out at home, walk past the cardio machines and pick up a pair of dumbbells that you would normally shy away from. I promise you’ll get much more out of it!

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