Do You Really Need A Gym Membership To Work Out?

Heather Hall

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How much money have you spent on gym memberships that you’ve hardly used? Although you may only be spending as little as $10 a month, why not put that money towards simple equipment you can buy for your home? You just need to be motivated to work out at home and actually use your equipment! Here’s a list of simple equipment that will give you a complete gym in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Exercise Ball: $25 on up; This is a great tool to have that works the entire body and is very economical. Use in place of a bench for upper body exercises, work your core by incorporating it during planks, and incorporate it for lower body exercises as well. The options are endless with an exercise ball.

Dumbbells: $5 on up to $100’s; Depending on your strength, it depends on what you want to choose for weight. Most women make the mistake of choosing the 3-5 lb pink Barbie dumbbells because they heard that using anything heavier will make them bulk up (when in fact it’s poor eating that “bulks” you up!) There are definitely exercises that require the lighter weights, but to see changes in your body you need to go with heavier weights. Make sure you have at least up to 15 lb DB’s for women, and men up to 30. Obviously go heavier if you need to. This is a bit more of an investment but well worth it.

Resistance Bands: $12 on up; Bands are one of my favorite tools ever. They’re light, portable, and with varying tension can give anywhere from light to heavy resistance. Flat continuous loop bands are definitely the way to go because they don’t tear as easily as tubular bands and will last you much longer.

Hand Towels or Furniture Sliders: $10-$15 (sliders); these are simple tools that can usually be found right at home. I like to use hand towels under my toes and do “Slider Mountain Climbers” or “Slider Leg Curls” for my glutes and hamstrings. Towels work great for hard floor surfaces, while furniture sliders work well on the carpet.

It’s not a huge list, but really that’s all you need for a great home gym that will give you lots of versatility. And to be quite honest, all you REALLY need is your body. Classic squats, lunges and push ups are a must to include in your exercise routine, as well as jumping jacks, burpees and skater jumps. With anywhere from $50 to $200 you can have lots of great and simple equipment right in your home. This post is probably a little strange considering I own a small personal training studio. But I’d rather have more people working out at home than doing nothing at all, so I hope you’ve found it helpful!

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