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There aren't many things sweeter than baby feet. And the feet on my littlest one are getting a little tired of observing life from the stroller. They are ready for scooting, crawling, going places.

Scooter is almost 5 months old and his ambition is almost overwhelming. All day long he patiently watches his brothers play until he just can't take it anymore and he wants to go. He's made himself very mobile by rolling, flopping around all stealthy and quiet until he finds himself completely across the room. But even that isn't good enough. Lately he lays on his tummy while brothers play and build train tracks winding around him, and poor Scooter beats his fists and feet against the ground, arches his back and wails. I know what he's thinking, "why can't I go!" He's going to go, very very soon. Scooter is going to crawl, and then oh my goodness, look out.

Yesterday evening three boys and I went to the park, just as the air was cooling off and the sun was going down. Since Bub is in school I appreciate more the time when three boys and me are together.

On our way there Bub made us drive past his school so he could wave and smile. Sigh. We've made giant leaps since that tearful first day. And he knows it. This look on his face says he knows it.

Scooter watched on from the stroller as the sun set, Bub played, And Teebs buried himself in the sand.

And any good sand burying must be followed by sand dumping, which Teebs did with style.

Those little Scooter feet aren't going to be happy sticking out of the stroller at the park much longer. Just another month and all three of my boys will be mobile.

Oh my goodness, look out.

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