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Last week we gave lots of extra snuggles, more yes's and instead of no's, later bedtimes, and of course, more ice cream than usual.

On Tuesday Teebs had a run-in with a beloved family dog, who in a moment of hunger while she was eating, let instinct take over and bit his lip. Six stitches later, Teeber is fine, and just like Bub when he was roughly the same age, Teebs got his one allotted photo-op in the emergency room.

It was a long day where I really understood the definition of the word drained, because I felt like I had been uncorked and drained of every last dripping of energy I had I left. Teeber was a gentleman at the hospital, a true trooper, but still no mama wants to hear the screams of a baby hurting. My boys are so boyish, so rough and scabby and unphased by injury, that sometimes I feel a little selfish and a little left out. Sometimes I want them to come running to me with a bumped knee or a hurt ego and let me squeeze the love back into them, and when they wriggle out of my arms and push me away it's more than a little painful. But as painful as Tuesday was, it was reassuring that after the doctor was done stitching and Teeber was released from the firm grip of the nurses, all he wanted was a solid, warm, curl around his mama's belly, safe in my arms.

Since then things have been a little slower in our house. Bedtime rituals have taken longer because we let them. Dessert portions have gotten bigger. Stories have rambled. Cheeks have been wetter from kisses. And while Teebs has gone back to shoving himself out of my hugs, I've been firmly demanding quick squeezes whenever I can. We aren't glad Teebs got hurt, but we are glad for the reminder it gave us to really, really, really appreciate what we have.

It's nice to see the stitches starting to fall out, and the swelling go down, and the lip that was once a gash turn into a scab that at this point could really just pass for a mouth messy with chocolate. Soon it will be like it never happened. Dessert portions might go back to normal too, but what we really want to hold onto is the gratefulness we have for these two rambunctious little boys.

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