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Last week I bought some pumpkin muffins at the store for the boys. Pumpkin cream cheese muffins. And they had pumpkins seeds, slightly salted, sprinkled on top.

I accidentally ate them all.

But they were delicious, and that was how I celebrated October. The boys didn't even know they were deprived of the best muffins in the world, so instead they celebrated October with a couple of trips to the pumpkin patch.

My favorite pumpkin patch visit was with Bub on his first Kindergarten field trip, he was excited for me to go because "it wouldn't feel like school" if I was there, and I was just excited to see him excited to see me. His excitement did not disappoint.

Teebs, Scooter, and I met Bub at the pumpkin patch, and when that long yellow bus unloaded all of those rowdy kindergartners I watched Bub nervously eye the crowd. He was scanning faces, peering over heads, until he spotted us and shrieked "My moms here! That's my mom!" And my heart gasped a tiny gasp at his excitement, I'm his mom. When he says it like that, with so much enthusiasm, it always knocks me down for a second. I am his mom, and that makes him so excited.

He beamed, literally, the whole field trip. He ran off with his friends, he played, I lost track of him for awhile, but every time our eyes met his face filled with the that's my mom pride, and as good as those cream cheese pumpkin muffins tasted as I inhaled each one...that feeling, the feeling of Bub's excitement just because I'm his mom trumped each delicious morsel.

As it turned out we ended up with a lot of pumpkins this year. We painted some, admired others, but found the coolest (quickest, easiest, cheapest, cleanest) method of decorating is using what we already had. Therefore, Mr. Potato head pumpkin is by far my favorite pumpkin we've ever created.

And it doesn't hurt that the boys thought I was hilarious for thinking of it. Scooter was pretty indifferent, but he was happy to nom nom nom on a pumpkin or two.

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