A September Update

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Today I know for sure that babies sleeping in a (reasonably) clean house with dinner in the crockpot is without a doubt one of the best feelings. The best feelings. I've got a really busy September of photo shoots, which is wonderful, so I'm bracing and preparing myself because the more organized and ready I am the easier it is to be busy.

August in our house went out with a bang. Not a bang really, but more like a muffled clap. We've been mellow. And it feels good. For some reason I thought that when Bub started school I would have so much free time. When he is in school I only have two boys to take care of, how difficult can that be? As it turns out, pretty difficult. With Bub in school everything we do is on a schedule, but we're getting used to watching the clock and I haven't forgot to pick him up from school...yet. I try to mold each day into a mellow mix of accomplishing the various things that are always waiting to be accomplished while still having fun with Teebs and Scooter. Some days we get that mix better than others, but even when we don't get anything checked off the to-do list or we don't have quite as much fun as we should have, at the end of the day everything is still ok.

Teebs is livin' it up with all of the extra attention he gets now. A few weeks ago we went to a petting zoo.

In his introverted and pensive way he fed some baby pigs.

And then examined a pine cone. Like, really examined it.

Scooter is chugging along too. He is just a week a way from being 5 months old. On the stressful days his sweet chubby cheeks remind me how lucky I am to be home everyday.

Babies still sleeping, crockpot still cooking, and more check marks waiting to be checked on my things I got done today list. It's only the afternoon, but I think it's safe to say that today was a pretty awesome day.

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