Pizza, Playing and Slobbery Grins

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Every day when I drop Bub off at school he picks a spot before he runs in the door where we have to stop and hug. His fellow kindergartners swarm around him, a few yell "hey, Ronnie!" as they trot by, but we are stuck right there on the sidewalk in a warm hug, a solid hug, and for just a handful of seconds nothing else matters. Then he turns and gallops into school. Sometimes he'll make it to the door, and for whatever reason, decide the hug wasn't quite right and he'll run back for one more. We are in that sweet spot where I am still way more comforting than I am embarrassing and he hasn't thought of any reason why he shouldn't embrace me everyday in front of the school. I know this is temporary, but for right now, it is perfect.

A lot of things right now are perfect. Perfect in the sense that nothing is perfect but we manage to be happy anyway. To me, that is perfection. We are usually running late, forgetting, running back home to retrieve a missing backpack, scribbling appointments in an overused planner, closing the door to an underused laundry room, tripping over stray toys, wiping drippy noses and washing hands, splitting up fights, apologizing, but most importantly, just being pretty darn happy.

Like last week. I had these grand plans to make pizza for dinner with the boys. In my mind it was beautiful, but in reality it was a mess.

But where I see mess and hassle, the boys see fun.

So we made pizza. Teebs' pizza was nothing but dough because he refused sauce and all of the toppings, and Bub's pizza was a giant glob, but somehow everyone ended up full and happy. Emphasis on the happy.

We've also been taking advantage of these last days of warm weather.

In Nebraska you never really know when they are going to end. The line between Fall and Winter is often a hasty and unexpected transition, so for right now we just keep playing.

So while the boys play Scooter gets to stretch his legs, and his grin. This grin that is somehow just a little brighter for brothers.

No matter how busy or forgetful or scheduled we may be, nothing slows down time quite like that grin. My favorite version of Scooter's grin is this sly smirk that has just a shade of shyness. I see myself in this shy smile, minus the dollop of drool of course.

That's where we are right now. A smorgasbord of sloppy imperfections, which round out to be just the right amount of happiness. Perfection.

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