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We've had a week of pure, raw summer. The week was full of wild waves of busy and short bursts of lulls. We spent the 4th of July in a small town with Tom's family, celebrating his grandma's 95th birthday. It was a short trip for us because we had to get back home for a wedding, but we got to watch the boys schlep around a Mayberry-like town with their cousins, bouncing back and forth between the pond and the park, catching bullfrogs and carrying fishing poles. The three hour drive and countless potty breaks were worth it just to give the boys a few days of schedule-less free play. They soaked it up.

We don't have much of a schedule at home either, but even without "things" to do, I feel like every day suddenly slips away and I'm left with the feeling that we could have done more. There's always more playing, memory making, soaking up to do. But that's part of the charm of summer, the blurred lines between days, the endless mesh of what are we doing next, the chorus of playing-resting-playing-resting that repeats through cycles of sunshine and night.

Tomorrow we settle back into normalcy at home. It's only July, summer is still at our fingertips, but I think for tomorrow we'll settle for a day of unwinding and unpacking the suitcases that haven't moved since we got home. A little recouping is in order, then onward, for more summer fun.

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