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Our days are literally a blur. I don't know if it's because it's summer, or just because I'm not working, but the simple question of "what day is it" causes me to squint my eyes and tilt my head and ponder. I distinguish days by "weekend" or "not weekend" based on whether or not Tom is home. I feel like I'm accomplishing absolutely nothing, but at the same time I feel like we're accomplishing everything.

We set up the kiddie pool in the driveway sometime last week and it's been a permanent fixture ever since. We fill up the water when we need to and scoop out the bugs, and it serves as the most amazing bribe every day. It's a kiddie pool, really no more exciting than a bath, but it's usually the highlight of everyday.

Scooter looks on and giggles when Bub and Teebs splash him with water. Or gives me a pleasant but profound scowl when it's too hot and time to go in.

Just three days ago Scooter hit the three month milestone. For me, three months is the end of newborn-ness. I ache a little losing my newborn. It went by so fast, I feel like these first three months were whisked away like a waiter taking a plate of food before I was finished. Mid bite. Just gone. But at the same time three months old is the prime time for bonding. Scooter stares at me until our eyes click and align and his mouth cracks open with this gaping grin that swallows his whole face. It keeps getting bigger as my grin gapes and gapes at his happiness. Soon we are both just staring at each other with our faces swallowed up by gaping grins and my heart can barely beat because his love for me is so warm and I can feel it.

With love like that we don't really care what day it is anyway. Summer continues and we are continuing along with it. Whatever day it is we are just enjoying the ride.

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