Teebs Turn for Sunshine

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Last Monday Bub and I played in sunlight streaming in the window, and today Teebs got a chance to try.

We had a few hours to ourselves today, and there was a lot of romping and lounging. Which is my favorite kind of day recently. TV off, yoga pants on, carpet burned knees, and lazy giggles.

Last week I declared that I wanted to dive into the pool of light like a dog does. And today I was reminded that when I want to dive into a pool of light, Teebs does dive. Without any hesitation. I told him to come play in the sunshine and with no prompting from me he slapped his fat little cheek on the wood floor and slid right into the warm sun.

And that is exactly what makes Teebs, Teebs. No hesitation. Just passionate diving. Because why waste sunshine?

After our romping and lounging Teebs spotted Daddy walking up the driveway. Again, no hesitation, just diving right into joy, and the face of pure, pure joy.

What I love just as much as spring coming, sunlight streaming, and Teebs smiling, is chunky hands racing a matchbox car on the floor. Nothing melts my heart quite like chunky hands and toy cars.

I've been so productive lately getting ready for the new baby I feel almost...calm. I find myself looking for things to do, like organizing the medicine cabinet or vacuuming a little spilled pepper from a kitchen shelf. And when I'm not doing those things I'm doing a lot of resting. A lot. And it feels good. And it doesn't hurt to think that by the time baby gets here, it really will be spring. With real spring sunlight streaming in the window and one more little boy soaking it up like a lazy little dog. It's still pretty cold, but life is still pretty darn good right now.

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