Going Back to School (Or Going for the First Time)

Candace Reid

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It’s completely normal for an adult who has been out in the world for a while to realize that what he or she is doing just isn’t…right. Stay at home Moms go back to college (ahem). A business professional realizes that he wants to become a minister. The professional photographer realizes that her affinity for math is more than simple affection, it’s a passion.

Or, maybe you don’t know what you want to do you just know that you don’t want to be doing what you’re doing anymore.

If you’ve been toying with going back to school, there are a few different roads that are open to you. You can enroll in an adult program at an accredited college (like Cornerstone.edu) and take classes part time, or you can chuck it all to the wind and become a fully fledged student again.

If you don’t have a definite focus in mind, yet, there are a few different fields that are just…exploding right now and in need of people. Here are some of them. Maybe one is right for you?

Biomedical Engineering

According to US News, this is the most intriguing and high paying things you can major in right now. A Biomedical engineer looks at the way the body works (and breaks down) and uses traditional science and engineering theories and methods to come up with ways to fix things that don’t work (or that people generally wish would perform better). If you are good at math and science and enjoy working in a lab, this could be the best job ever for you!


Engineering in general is a fascinating field, especially if you enjoy math and physics. What you need to understand, though, is that there is no such thing as general engineering. If you want to go into Engineering you need to pick a specialty: civil, structural, traffic, environmental, computer software, information, etc. Right now the hottest engineering fields are environmental and computer software, though aerospace is a very close third.


Yeah, yeah, everybody’s heard the “English degrees are useless” jokes. They’re even more popular than the jokes about people who major in Psych (the official “I didn’t know what else to major in” major). Still, a degree in English makes you employable in just about any field (save for those that are highly technical). English majors know how to communicate well and write well—two things that every employer lists as the most important quality sought out in potential employees. Plus, you get to read lots of great stuff!


New teachers are always in demand. Classroom sizes are larger than they’ve ever been and teachers are in short supply (maybe because teaching is not the best paying job out there). Still, if you truly love a specific subject, going after your teaching credential is a good idea. If you want to teach adults at the collegiate level (or beyond) you’ll need to get your Master’s and possibly your Doctorate degree. But since you’re planning on going into education, spending more time in school shouldn’t be a drawback to this plan.

So, really—are you happy where you are? If not, what are you going to do about it?

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