App Review: Curious George's Town

Candace Reid

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There are times when my son is begging to play with our smart phones. This usually happens at least 4 times daily. Recently we were asked to try a new kid friendly app called Curious George’s Town for the iPhone and iPad. I don’t have one so I had my hubby install it on his phone. Originally it was aimed for Aiden (age 4) but it was my daughter, Alyssa (age 10) who played with it first. She was spending time doing all the little side activities and games while “exploring the town”.

My hubby played it too and told me that he actually likes it because it isn’t boring, he says it has just enough of a challenge to figure out how to complete the little “missions” , so that you do get some cognitive activity but it is still easy enough that small kids will understand it too. I think it is cute that my hubby found the game to be fun.

Aimed at ages 4+, this game helps teach sorting, the alphabet, saving money and more so that eventually the user can use the coins to purchase items to build the town.

From the store page’s description:


  • Feed the animals at the pet store

  • Decorate a cake at the bakery

  • Sort books at the library

  • Clean and recycle at the park

  • Navigate through the town square maze

  • Collect items from the checkout at the grocery store

Naturally, I liked the little cake decorating section and so did Aiden, while Alyssa loved feeding the animals. I would say this is a great app for the kids to play while waiting for an appointment or even in the cart while grocery shopping. It is both fun AND educational!

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