Smart Ways to Save Money on Entertainment

Candace Reid

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It seems that today everyone is looking for ways to save money on everything from groceries to entertainment. If rising costs have limited your family’s ability to enjoy the occasional night out, there are money-saving options available.

Taking Advantage of Cheap Entertainment Options

Before you go without entertainment because you believe your budget simply won’t allow it, look for options that will allow you to substitute less expensive options for full-price entertainment. If there is a college or university in your local area, you may be able to attend a theatre production without paying a high theatre price. Many college theatre departments often offer an array of productions throughout the year, including kids’ shows.

Instead of dinner and a movie, why not have lunch and a movie? The lunch menus are often less expensive at many restaurants, allowing you to save on the cost of eating out, while matinee theatre cinema prices are reduced as well.

Ask for It

Many people miss the opportunity to save money on the cost of entertainment simply because they are not aware such an opportunity exists. Networking can pay off in multiple ways. Ask around your colleagues, neighbors, and friends to find out whom they may know. You never know when someone you are acquainted with may have tickets they simply cannot use. If that is the case, they may be willing to sell them for a discount or even give them way.

Shop Around

Shopping around is not only a good idea for saving money on major purchases, but it is also a good way to reduce your entertainment budget. When you want to purchase the latest Sugarland tickets or tickets to any other show or concert, it can really pay off to shop around online.

Membership and Loyalty Programs

An increasing number of entertainment venues offer programs that allow members to save on the cost of admission and even earn free tickets or admission to member-only events. For families, the cost of a yearlong membership could easily pay for itself in one visit.

Outdoor Entertainment Options

If you happen to be a nature lover, there are numerous ways you can get the family out, be active, and save on entertainment. If there are national or state parks in your local area, they can often provide innumerable options for exciting entertainment at low prices. Many such parks frequently offer programs specifically designed for kids. Your children can have fun and learn at the same time.

Local Entertainment

You might be surprised at the number of cheap or even free entertainment venues exist in your own local area. Local history museums, libraries, and other venues frequently offer programs for low admission prices or even free. Not only can you learn more about your local area, but also you can also significantly cut back on the cost of your family’s entertainment.

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