5 Small Steps To Get Healthy

Candace Reid

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When it comes to my eating habits recently, it seems I have forgotten to eat more often and almost all of it is unhealthy. It stops NOW. I am re-committing to my pesce-tarian diet, (eating fish as the only meat) and taking more steps to get healthy, to get my cholesterol down, my blood pressure down, my weight down, and my energy up! Here are my five steps:

  1. NO MORE SUGAR. I love sweet stuff, and even though I don’t really over eat sugary stuff anymore, I need to adjust. I will allow myself treats but the in between eating, the Little Debbie cakes or candy or other “snacky” type sweets will no longer be purchased. Any snack foods that are purchased will be healthy alternatives, like rice snacks or healthy crackers. No chips and cookies.

  2. Cooking FRESH. I have the smallest kitchen on the planet and thought I make amazing food I refuse to cook dinner every night for a variety of reasons (WE NEED TO MOVE SO BAD) the times I cook, the ingredients will be fresh, organic as possible and the least possible of processed food. I will no longer give into the frozen chicken fries are easy to warm up line from anyone in my home. If we are to be healthy, ALL of us need to eat better and that means homemade as much as possible.

  3. Less Caffeine. I usually have a monster energy every single day. I have cut that down to two a week but still have caffeine in other ways like coffee. I will allow myself coffee in the morning only and none after 4 pm. I don’t sleep anymore it seems so maybe cutting out the energy stuff will help.

  4. Eat more veggies, fruit, and beans. There are times I don’t even eat fish so I am getting no meat sometimes, which is great for my digestion but I know I am not filling that void. And I HAVE to, I am, according to blood tests, anemic and have low blood count, meaning, basically, my body doesn’t make enough blood and I am tired…a LOT. This year I am making my protein intake skyrocket by finding and creating many more vegetarian meals.

  5. WATER!!! I vow to drink water and nothing but water (except for coffee in the morning) for one month straight and see how much it alters my body, as when I gave up soda a year ago, I immediately lost 25 pounds. I want to go past that mark, its time to drink water and start sweating the weight off with good exercise.

What 5 small steps are you taking toward a healthier lifestyle in the new year? Are you planning to drink more water? Perhaps you want to focus on more fruits and vegetables versus meats and carbs. Tell us how you are planning a healthier lifestyle in 2013, Focusing in being mindful and stressing less; exercising more? Does changing up your snacking habits fit it? Quaker Popped Rice Snacks are a great way to do this!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Quaker. I received product in conjunction with this post. The opinions and text are all mine.

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