A Really Juicy Way to Better Health

Candace Reid

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As most of you know, I have reviewed a gazillion products, but for the last couple years I have had the pleasure of reviewing mostly FOOD or COOKING related items. And of course you know I am about to graduate with a degree that puts me in the Food Service biz someday. I was asked to review a BELLA NutriPro Juicer recently. Let me tell you, I had been wanting a juicer for a LONG time. I watched a documentary last year about a man who lived on only healthy juice and not only got fit but got healthy. I knew I would love the juicer, because I am deeply into fresh fruit, but I NEVER imagined that my husband would love it even more.

The package arrived at my house and the only real thing that took my by surprise was the weight of the base. That thing is heavy but I know why, that powerful motor is spinning a very thick and equally heavy core, called the “screw”. This juicer is a cold press juicer, meaning it doesn’t use blades.

My ingredients for my Green Juice – 4 green Apples, 4 Kiwi, Large hanful Spinach and Coconut Water

Using the BELLA NutriPro is so incredibly easy, so much so that I let my 4-year-old son do it himself! I supervise of course but he can do it all as long as I cut the big fruits for him (you don’t have to peel anything or even take out seeds!) and what is more, he not only LOVES to help make juices but also likes to drink them!

Bottom line, as a person who is in her mid-thirties now, it is imperative that I make smart choices in my food because it will only get harder to keep wait off, the closer I get to 40. It is hard to just eat the amount of servings of fruits and veggies each day but let me tell you it is incredibly easy to get them with my juicer! My husband actually went of a 5 day juice fast and let me tell you, he lost over ten pounds but what is more his complexion cleared up and he was able to exercise and lift weights even. He is 40 and has back problems so it is hard for him usually to exercise but this guy has been doing incredible. I honestly think its the fact he has at least one juice a day as a meal. He loves it when I sneak in spinach and carrots and he can’t even tell he just feels good. This juicer has become an important factor in my husband’s fitness routine. For us it is PRICELESS.

Buy it: You can buy the BELLA NutriPro juicer for $249 retail on the juicer website, which offers a 30 day trial for just 14.95 and also a payment plan of $49.99 per month. It may seem like a lot up front but the benefits are tremendous if you ask me.

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