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Candace Reid

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So many people have asked me what my plans were following my graduation last month. Aside from hitting my blog with brute force to get myself back in a comfortable place, I told them I didn’t plan to do anything, just be. They looked at me with a confused face, so I had to explain.

I want to read a book that isn’t a textbook. My first book? The Help.

I want to exercise everyday, even just walking, with my husband. I’ve logged 5 miles this week.

I want to walk outside and just sit in a chair in the sun doing nothing, not having to worry about homework.

I want to garden (its growing great so far!)

I want to BAKE BAKE BAKE, COOK COOK COOK, and BAKE some more. I JUST pulled my first summer pie from the oven, Strawberry-Rhubarb.


Seems so normal but I spent the last 3.5 years saying no, because of school. Homework, Culinary Club commitments, needing to cook, cooking for the blog, allllllll the deadlines looming and I had to say no a LOT. Now when my 4.5 year old asks me to play outside I DO. Even though we have mosquitoes at our house BAD.

Aside from my blog, I want to spend a few months enjoying not having deadlines and homework. Soon enough I have to start a job search and hopefully that search is in another state. There is more for me, I am just getting started and I believe my destiny is national, meaning I need to get the heck out of Michigan. Kind of like Madonna did except no weird videos and wearing underwear on top of my clothes.

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