Are Your Kids' Toys Safe?

Candace Reid

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When you look at the toys in your child’s room, what do you see? Do you find yourself looking at an opportunity for hours of quiet and happy entertainment, or do you see the potential for accidents and injury?

The bright colors and inviting appearance of many children’s toys may hide sharp corners and small pieces that can break off and create dangerous situations. Every day, children are seriously injured while playing with their own toys. While some accidents may be chalked up to inattentive parents or toys that are being used in an inappropriate manner, too often the fault for injury lies with a defective product.

Toy Recalls

Toy recalls are a common occurrence, but not every parent hears about the latest recall. Toys can be recalled for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons for recent recalls include:

Lead found during testing by an independent group, choking or strangulation hazards, the potential for fire or burns, and laceration danger

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission runs a full list of all recalled toys on their website. It’s worth every parent’s time to review this list periodically and be aware of which toys are being recalled and the reasons for the recall. You can also sign up to receive alerts when new toys are added to the list.

Your Child and Injuries

Unfortunately, most of the toys on the recall list were not added until someone’s child had been harmed by the product in question. This means that even if you diligently review the list and remove recalled toys, your child could still be injured by a toy that hasn’t made the list yet.

If your child has been involved in an accident and you believe that the toy is defective, you should contact a Child Injury Firm and speak with a lawyer right away. Not only will this help you collect damages from the toy manufacturer, it will also hopefully spark a recall and prevent other children from being injured.

Preventing Injuries

Be sure to only purchase toys that are recommended for your child’s age or ability level. Always supervise your child while he or she plays. Check toys for wear and tear or damage. Get rid of broken or damaged toys. Be sure to put away toys when playtime is over. Don’t forget to return warranties or sign up on websites so that you receive notice of recalls promptly, and your children are safe.

Click here for the latest recalls from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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