Memorial Day Cemetery Etiquette

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Memorial Day is traditionally the last Monday in May when we remember men and women who have died while serving in the armed forces of all wars. It is also a day when some parents take their children to a cemetery and have them pay respects to relatives or others who have passed away. Sometimes children aren’t sure how they have to behave. Below are some etiquette rules for visiting a cemetery:

  • Encourage your children to keep their voices down – tell them to use their “library” voice

  • Be respectful of other mourners by refraining from pointing, staring or commenting

  • Walk in between grave markers not on them

  • No yelling or running, remind your children that cemeteries are not playgrounds

  • Do not let your children remove flowers or other mementos from other graves

  • Please don’t let your children climb or play on large monuments or headstones

  • Give other mourners their privacy and solitude

Teaching your children these etiquette rules when they are young will be something they will carry with them throughout their lives. Cemeteries are not churches, but showing the proper respect is still necessary. They are places where it is quiet and tranquil and visitors are mourning their loved ones.

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