How to REALLY Help a New Mom

This article, entitled Five Ways to REALLY Help a New Mom comes from Cathy at bountifulplate.

Aren’t those first few weeks a blur after you have a baby or adopt a child? Sleepless nights, getting everyone into a new routine, wondering if you’ll get a shower before dinnertime??

  • Offer to Make a Meal – Get six other families to help put together a week’s worth of dinners for the new mom and her family. Ask what mom and/or dad likes and dislikes and inquire about any allergies.

  • Offer to Take Other Children Out of the House - Take other children the new mom may have to a park, indoor playground or out to lunch/ dinner – when a new baby/child is on the scene, sometimes siblings need more attention than ever!

  • Diapers and Wipes – They don’t sound like a fancy gift, but diapers/wipes are one thing that a new baby uses LOTS of!! Or, if the new mom is using cloth diapers, offer to pay for a few weeks of diaper service.

  • Be Supportive – Whether the new mom is breastfeeding or bottlefeeding, be supportive of their choice, even if it’s not what you would do. The last thing an exhausted mom needs to hear is what she should (or shouldn’t) be doing!

  • Gift Basket for the Mom – So much attention is on the baby or newly adopted child, so how about filling a basket with magazines, books, munchies, fruit or bottled waters/juice? The new mom needs extra attention too!

How many of you can remember those first few weeks after a new baby or an adoption? Or did you just recently have a baby or adopt?

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