Circus Features Family of Performers

The Lopez Family presents a trifecta of energizing acts that will shock audiences. Jaws will drop as the family performs daring high-wire feats with handstands, blindfolds and bicycles. Audiences will gasp in exhilaration as the Lopez deliver a Globe of Steel performance in a smaller-than-average, 12 foot diameter globe and adrenaline will rush as they execute a never-before-seen knuckle-biting knife act.

Johan and Jonathan Caro have been working together 17 years. They grew up in Monterrey, Mexico and are the fourth generation of their family to work in the circus.

As young boys, Johan and Jonathan began to train with their father, Alfonso, on the high wire and learned to ride motorcycles for the globe act. While only children, they rigorously practiced five hours a day. Now, as part of their routine, they practice two hours daily in order to stay in shape and have the confidence to perform such a daring act.

Alfonso Lopez and his sons toured across Latin America, and while Mexico in 2002, Jonathon met his wife, Maria, who was also performing a high-wire act with her family at the same circus.

Soon afterwards, Johan met Erika in Mexico. She was in the audience, and the two instantly connected and fell in love. Johan trained Erika for two years on how to walk the wire. Erika is the daring beauty who stands fearlessly inside the Globe of Steel as two motorcycles speed within inches of her body.

Now, the entire Lopez family, including father Alfonso, are all touring with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Presents Fully Charged, Gold Edition.

Knives and Whips:
This 50-year-old family act has been passed down through generations in the Lopez family. Patriarch Alfonso learned from his cousin, practiced with his wife and preformed the act for the last 25 years. The knives, at over 12 inches, are precisely projected at his real-life targets, his daughters-in-law, who trained for five years until they were ready to perform the act. For Alfonso, being in America with his sons, performing at The Greatest Show On Earth®, is his dream come true. “I’ve been performing my whole life, and I’ve known what a big show Ringling Bros.® is, and I’m finally here. This is an honor,” explained Alfonso.

High wire:
The fearless Lopez family brings more power than ever before to the high-wire act in Fully Charged, Gold Edition! Their aerial stunts have unbelievable risks, including a sideways hand-balancing stunt on the high wire, shoulder stands, blindfolds and a handstand on a precariously-balanced bike. “My biggest challenge is performing a handstand on top of a pole balanced on the brothers’ shoulders as they peddle across the high wire on bicycles,” said Maria. “You must remain focused. You’re always aware of the danger,” says Jonathan. “We kiss the babies, make the sign of the cross and get up there.”

At 12-ft diameter, the Lopez’s globe is the narrowest globe in the US, which equates to faster speeds, closer passes and requires more precise timing ― all combining to make this an incredibly dangerous act! This powerful act has been in the Lopez family for over 40 years, with Alfonso performing the act for over 30 years. Maria, Jonathan’s wife, trained for two years before she was ready to join the act. “In the beginning, she was scared. It’s was hard to watch when she first started to ride. It was a very difficult. There’s no way to verbally explain how to stay straight and high. She had to learn it for herself,” Jonathan explained. After a year and a half of constant training and preparation, the Lopez Family was ready to present their act!
Once the Lopez Family are at maximum capacity with all three riders within the Globe of Steel ― and their bikes at full throttle, their protective gear lights up for in an explosion power!

This family of 11, three children for Johan and Maria and two for Johnathan and Erika, along with Alfonso and his wife, travel in several house trailers, and they are thrilled to be performing together in Fully Charged, Gold Edition. “We have a chance to see so much of America,” said Maria. “Our children get to go to school, and we all get to see so many sights. We are very proud and excited!”

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