Keep Your Bathrooms Clean and Sanitary

Bathrooms can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, keeping them clean not only makes them nicer to use, but could keep your family from getting sick. Here are some tips to keep your bathrooms sanitary and well-organized:

Use your towels for only what they were intended for. Don’t use your bathroom towels for anything but drying. Using your bathroom towels for cleaning is unsanitary, makes them look older faster and the cleaning products will damage them.

Throw away any toiletries you have not used in the last six months. Don’t hold on to make-up for too long, either. Using old makeup and applicators can cause infections.

You use your bathroom every day. It needs to be cleaned every day.

Keep as little as possible on the bathroom countertop to give fewer places for dust and germs to collect. Many items currently residing on your counter top would be better off in a drawer or cabinet, like your toothbrush.

Keep a container of disinfecting cleaning wipes under your sink for quick clean-ups. Swipe and swish each morning after you finish your routine.

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