More Summer Camp Recycled Crafts

Courtney Rubin

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I’ve got a few more “green” crafts from Summer Camp to share with you and here they are!

Fabric CD Coasters – At the same local shop we found the old VHS cases (The fantastic Sharing Tree if you live in the Tallahassee area – you can fill a huge tote bag full of scrap/recycled materials for only $5!), we also found bulk used CDs and Fabric Sample booklets. We used these materials to create fun coasters for the kids to give as gifts. You simply trace the CD onto the fabric with chalk or a pencil, cut it out, glue it on one side of the CD and cover the fabric with Mod Podge to seal it. We used small pieces of Duct Tape to cover the hole in the back just to guarantee the liquid wouldn’t seep through there and we placed little foam pieces on the back to raise the coasters off of the table a little. So easy and with so many fabric choices available (even from old shower curtains, drapes, towels, etc., that you have lying around the house), the possibilities are endless if you want to match them to your home decor or create as a gift!

Cereal Box Collages – We cut the front and back cardboard pieces from recycled cereal boxes to use as a mat for creating a collage. We then let the kids create a theme by using old magazines as inspiration. The children used animals, fun shaped letters, and other things to create theirs. This could be a totally free craft to create on a rainy day if you have old magazines, a cereal box (or even a shoe box or mailing box or the back of an old book that is falling apart) and some glue!

Cupcake Liner and Egg Carton “Flower Garden” – For the end of the week luncheon centerpieces the second week of camp, we let the younger kids make “flowers” out of cupcake liners, popsicle sticks, and other tiny odds and ends. We then placed their flowers into egg cartons which they painted green to resemble a patch of grass. It was really interesting to watch some kids really decorate the inside of their flowers, while others were content to just glue a single button or pom-pom inside and call it a day. In the end, it was a simple project but also a colorful one that the kids enjoyed.

Crystal Light Find-It Game – I have done this craft with my own kids (as seen in this post) and they had a blast so when we realized that we had enough random materials to let the pre-K and Kindergarten kids make this, we ran with this adapted version. Instead of soda bottles, we used empty Crystal Light containers that were donated to our class. We also had a small package of birdseed so we used that instead of rice. Turns out, both containers and both “filler” items work just fine. You simply fill the container 3/4 of the way with whatever filler you choose, add random “treasures” (such as lego pieces, foam cutouts, buttons, beads, Barbie shoes, etc. – whatever items will fit in the container) to the top of the filler, seal it with either glue or duct tape, as shown in the picture below, and shake it up good so that the items are mixed into the filler. *Remember to make a list of the items you will be searching for, just so you don’t forget!* Now the kids have a game for the house or on the go!

Pet Rocks - As an extra time filler, we brought back the 70′s fad, pet rocks! All you need is paint, little googly eyes, yarn or confetti and rocks from your yard or garden. Surprisingly, even the older kids seemed to like this.

During the camp we also used the fabric samples to create bookmarks and decorative binder clips (although I failed to get a shot of those). We really enjoyed finding new ways to use left over materials and recycled materials. Not only did it make crafting less expensive, it allowed us to repurpose items that you might not think could be repurposed.

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