Embarrassing Kid Moment #247,023

Courtney Rubin

This article, entitled Embarrassing Kid Moment #247,023 comes from Courtney Rubin at partner site Embracing the Insanity.

The following event occurred whilst I was in the store grabbing a pack of diapers for Big Trouble (who is obviously still determined to break me in the potty training department since we were getting yet another pack of diapers, not underwear).

The Setting:

Big Trouble was being quite the little gentleman and this trip to the store had me beaming at the people passing by as I showed off how well my little boy was behaving. Yep; pat on the back for being an awesome mom; isn’t he just the cutest little thing?! I made him.

The Incident:

Then he opened his mouth and SHOUTED a question that no one ever wants to be asked loudly in public: ”MOM, DO YOU NEED TO POOP IN THE POTTY?”

Shh! No honey, Mommy’s just fine right now, thank you.

He wasn’t satisfied so there was a follow-up question: ”NEED TO PEE-PEE?” (people are now staring and snickering)

No baby, Mommy already went to the potty. Do you need to go?


Good Lord, NO! There are no bodily functions going on right now so please stop shouting!


Oh my Lord, please just come with me to the self-checkout so I don’t have to face a real cashier!…..

End of Scene.

Needless to say, I was quite embarrassed by this happy outburst. I assume it was payback for my constant barrage of questions concerning his potty training process and lack of progress, but who can say?

I know I can’t be the only one with crazy kids who say things like this, right?!

Turns out, I’m not. So, here’s a few more fun things that other kids have said! I would love to hear your stories, too! Misery loves company!

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