Hoarders - Buried Alive (By Toys)

Courtney Rubin

This article, entitled Hoarders - Buried Alive (By Toys) comes from Courtney Rubin at partner site Embracing the Insanity.

I have 3 kids, all with very different tastes, all living in a very small space. This = DISORGANIZED MAYHEM when it comes to toys. I have tried large toy buckets, bookshelves with baskets, etc. NOTHING works when there is a little guy whose favorite pastime is dumping things out all over the floor (this also include laundry – which is NEVERENDING).

I am at the point where I just want to throw everything away and start over from scratch, but obviously I can’t do that until I win the lotto. So, in the meantime, I welcome any suggestions on how you handle the craziness that is having multiple children, toys and general clutter! Please help me!!!

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