Warning: Pinterest Can Be Hazardous To Your Mental Health

Courtney Rubin

This article, entitled Warning: Pinterest Can Be Hazardous To Your Mental Health comes from Courtney Rubin at partner site Embracing the Insanity.

I’m not an artistic person. I like to do arts and crafts but my skill level is comparable to my three kids (ages 7, 5 and 2). When Pinterest first came out, I was in awe of all of the cool craft ideas for gifts and holidays and basically just everyday life. Many of the crafts that had been pinned were done by normal people, not Martha Stewart, so this made me feel quite confident that I could also accomplish everything that I repinned to my boards. Confidence was mine and everyone I knew was on a list to become a recipient of my great creations.

A few months in and many attempts later, I quickly realized that these projects really were not meant for me. I managed to get a few things done and blamed the technique on my kids so people forgave the catastrophes. But the more things I tried, the more frustrated I became because I finally became privy to the knowledge that the I am NOT Martha Stewart; I am not a member of her staff; I am not even on the same level as her beloved dogs – this was a tough thing to admit, but it had to happen eventually. As such, I can’t even accomplish what the normal people on Pinterest can. Great.

As Valentine’s Day was approaching, I found myself being tugged back in the direction of Pinterest in search of the perfect homemade Valentine project to do with my kids. I just knew that no other mother would buy Valentines this year, solely because Pinterest exists. I found so many cute ideas and even made a board for them. Then I had a PTSD flashback to last Valentine’s Day when “we” made little inchworm Valentines from a “simple” printable that I found where? You guessed it, Pinterest.

It was a much bigger pain than I thought and I almost broke my hand (not joking, ripped a tendon in my wrist) punching a billion holes in cardstock. What was I thinking when I even considered homemade valentines this year?! Oh, I know; I saw all of the posts from all of my friends and their friends about the cute things they were making with their kids and of course I felt the pressure to “be a good mom” and keep up with the fantastic gifts that everyone else was making. It’s so easy to feel that pressure, isn’t it?! Especially with wretched Pinterest making me feel so inferior. Curse you, Pinterest!

Well, about the time that I would have started the process of making Valentines, everyone got sick and after that week-long germ fest, I just didn’t have it in me to do homemade. So, I cautiously asked my kids if they would be ok with just buying cards this year (meanwhile I was praying fervently for the answer that I wanted). They both quickly agreed to just give me ideas and let me find the closest thing while they were at school. SERIOUSLY?! I hit the jackpot! That meant that I could just run in and run out (albeit with my 2-year-old in tow) and not have to wait 3 hours while they carefully examined every possible option 30 times. My son wanted sports – DONE; my daughter wanted Barbie – DONE; and my baby immediately picked out the Muppets as soon as he laid eyes on the box. Perfect. I bought a bag of valentine-colored sixlets to add to their cards and we were set.

Naturally, the morning of Valentine’s Day, my son woke up sick – even more stress!! So, his sister took his cards to his class and picked up his bag at the end of the day so he wouldn’t miss out completely. As they sat down at our table that night to show me all of their cards, I held my breath. I was positive that there would be so many cute homemade cards that other kids had made with their moms and I would feel that horrible wave of guilt, even though I knew the choice was right this year. To my great surprise, the only people who made their Valentines were the teachers! Sigh of relief! I guess all of the other moms came to the same realization this year!

I will most likely try to make something next year (probably something “easy” from horrid Pinterest – ugh), but for now, I am very happy that this year, both my tendons and my sanity are still in tact! Success! Happy Valentine’s Day to ME!!! (And to you too – hope yours was a little less stressful than mine!)

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