Skill Mastery - Drinking from a Straw

Courtney Rubin

This article, entitled We’ve Mastered Another Skill…Just Not The One I Was Hoping For comes from Courtney Rubin at partner site Embracing the Insanity.

Today, Big Trouble started drinking from a straw. I’ll hold for applause.

Now, this may not seem like that big of a deal, but seeing as though he gets soaked every time he tries to drink out of a regular cup, it really is! The kid can literally take a dime-sized amount of water and make it look like he just survived a flash flood.

But now, thanks to this new development, we can start using the “big kid” cups with lids and straws instead of sippy cups or the “ok, guess we’ll go get a bath now” cups! I’ll admit that it was torture so fun making weird faces and trying to give him samples of how to sip from a straw, only to have him just make noises and/or accidentally blow spit bubbles and laugh.

Mind you, this has gone on for nearly a year. The kid has no interest in my time frame for ANYTHING. I’m just now starting to get that (can’t imagine where he gets his stubbornness from). But, I keep trying like the idiot that I am because I that’s my job. And, nothing makes me feel like a bigger success than finally seeing one of my kids master something they have been trying to do; even if it is as insignificant a milestone as drinking from a straw.

The moment I saw my troublemaker give me a huge victory smile, thus drooling out most of the liquid he had just learned to sip up, I held my head high, looked to the sky and thought, “yeah, I taught him that” (not the drooling part, just to clarify; the actual sipping from a straw). I am a success and so is my boy!

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