Campfires, Chocolate and Stickiness

Courtney Rubin

This article, entitled Campfires, Chocolate and Stickiness, Oh My! comes from Courtney Rubin at partner site Embracing the Insanity.

The week after Christmas, we went on a short vacation to the mountains of Georgia with all of my extended family from my dad’s side. My family has been doing this for years as a way to get everyone together from all of the different places we now live and although we haven’t made it every year since having our kids, we always have a good time when are able to go. This year was no exception.

Now, my husband is from Los Angeles and the rest of us are native Floridians so we are not used to how cold the weather can get north of the Florida/Georgia border but when we are in the woods, we enjoy the fact that we have a legitimate reason to make a fire. I, myself, actually have an acute fear of fire (I don’t even light birthday candles unless I can use one of those long BIC lighters – it’s weird, but there you have it); fortunately, my brother and my dad don’t share this phobia so they always have a fire going when we bring the kids over to their cabin.

My kids love helping gather the firewood from outside and watching “Pop” and their uncle create the masterpiece and they especially love when I finally produce the ingredients for making S’mores! This year was no different and everyone was ready to roast those marshmallows when the time came….everyone except my daughter who has apparently inherited my fears. But, with many other people around to roast the marshmallow for her, it was no problem!

We then stuck the marshmallows to the graham crackers and the chocolate and the kids WENT TO TOWN!

It was my youngest’s first time experiencing the deliciousness that is the S’more and he was demanding that he be served as he watched everyone making their S’mores…until he touched the sticky marshmallow and had a nervous breakdown because it got on his fingers (or pingers as he says). He decided to stick with just the graham crackers and chocolate from that point on (which is ironic because the chocolate was even messier yet he had no issue with that for some strange reason).

Even the adults got into the fun – fortunately no one got a picture of me shoveling the S’mores into my face but I did catch daddy! HA!

It’s the little pleasures in life that make things fun and we’re always up for a good fire and some S’mores!

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