Diet Land Mines In Your Kitchen

If you're not losing weight as you would like, diet land mines could be hiding in your kitchen.

Nutritionist at Moores Cancer Center, Vicky Newman, recommends that you ditch the soda, sweet tea and fruit-flavored juice. Each 12 ounce can has seven teaspoons of sugar.

"There's really some incredible concern, I think, about fructose," said Newman.

She recommends that you beware of canned fruits and veggies. Newman says that you should buy them packed in their own juice, not syrup.

The syrup contains a type of sugar, called fructose, believed to feed cancer cells.

"We could be helping those cancer cells to grow and divide."

It is not just what you have in your fridge, but where you place the food that could be sabotaging your diet.

The average person opens the fridge 22 times a day. Fill your eye-level shelf with fruits and veggies. One study from Harvard found that you're nearly three-times more likely to eat healthy food if it is in your line of sight.

Some nutritionists say that canned soup is better off left in the can. That's because the lining of the cans are made of the chemical BPA. That chemical is often found in plastics.

"Some of them have BPA in them, which is a hormone disruptor," said Newman.

In a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, people who ate canned soup every day for five days had urine levels of BPA that were 1,221% higher than those who ate freshly-made soup.

High levels of BPA can cause heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Two more don'ts: Chips and crackers.

They may be labeled low fat or trans fat free, but they still have lots of salt and calories. The best advice is to keep all of them out of your kitchen, or they may end up in your mouth.

Nutritionists also say that sausages, hotdogs and bacon are the worst items at the meat counter. They're high in fat and sodium.

One slice of bacon has as much sodium as an entire order of french fries.

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