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Dinner Tonight - Beef Nutrition & Purchasing Tips

We are explaining Beef Nutrition & Purchasing Tips on this week's "Dinner Tonight." Watch some simple steps to an amazing dinner for your family.


  • The American Heart Association has certified extra-lean beef cuts that meet its criteria for saturated fat and cholesterol. Sirloin is one of those AHA-certified cuts that you can easily find in your grocery stores.

  • As a general rule, look for the words "round" or "loin" in the name of the cut, such as sirloin or round tip. It's a very easy trick you can use at the grocery store to be sure you're buying lean protein.

  • Sirloin is great grilled or oven broiled. You can also cut it into cubes for kabobs or into thin strips for protein-packed stir fry.

  • One economical shopping tip is to buy a larger cut of sirloin and cut it into individual portions. Or better yet, have the butcher cut half into steaks and the other half into stir fry strips. You could save up to $1 per pound.

Tri Tip

  • Tri Tip has been called the family steak, because it's thicker on one side than the other. So, the thick side can be cooked to medium rare for mom and dad, and the smaller side that cooks faster can be well done for the kiddos.

Ground Beef

  • Ground Beef is an excellent source of protein, one of the most satisfying nutrients.

  • A 3-oz serving of lean beef provides about half of the Daily Value for protein and will keep you satisfied and fueled for all your daily activities.

  • Speaking of protein, the protein in beef is a powerful nutrient that helps strengthen and sustain your body.

  • A cost saving tip is to buy the less expensive 85% lean ground beef and simply brown it and rinse the fat off. You can reduce the fat content by 50%!

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